Dreaming of Something More? Try This!

Most people I know dream of something more—more business, more time, more money, more margin, more friends, and so forth. Dreaming isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it’s a smart thing to do. However, just dreaming isn’t enough. In his book, Put Your Dream to the Test, John Maxwell said, “[Most people] possess a vague […]

What Would Einstein Say to You?

I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to have a conversation with Albert Einstein. Einstein didn’t view himself as a genius; he did, however, acknowledge his inquisitive persistence. Einstein stuck with problems long after other people gave up. He found solutions because he viewed failure as progress and the skepticism of others as […]

“Used to Be” Isn’t a Plan for the Future

I used to be…a nuclear chemist, computer room technician, fitness center attendant, youth pastor, editor-in-chief, ghostwriter, medical school instructional technologist, etc. Those “used to be” stories, however, don’t have to define my future. In fact, those stories are simply ingredients in a future that is still under development. For as disconnected as those stories are, […]

Reimagine Your Future – You Can Do It!

The future. I remember watching episodes of The Jetsons and imagining what life would be like if you could talk to and see people without wires attached, stand on a conveyor belt and move to your next destination, turn frozen food into meals in a matter of seconds, and allow technology to park your vehicle. […]

The Real Reason Change Isn’t Possible

You need to change… …your weight …your finances …your job …your self-perception Change. That word creates a ripple of responses. Some positive. Some negative. Some people embrace change. Others run from it. That’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign that your brain is doing what brains do. Your brain wants to store energy […]