The Real Reason Change Isn’t Possible

You need to change…

…your weight

…your finances

…your job

…your self-perception

Change. That word creates a ripple of responses. Some positive. Some negative. Some people embrace change. Others run from it. That’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign that your brain is doing what brains do. Your brain wants to store energy so it tries to turn as much as possible into habits. Once a habit is established, the brain can stand guard against perceived or real threats. The very mention of change causes the brain to push back. There are reasons…or excuses…for keeping things the way they are. Change is the enemy, right?

The process described above is a simple description of what happens in our brains in micro-seconds. Change—big or small—is met with complicated resistance that makes complete sense to the person resisting change. The rationale, however, breaks down when viewed by outsiders. I know it’s Wednesday, but do you have to do the same thing you did last Wednesday? Logic says no. The brain says yes. And the brain wins most of the time. Why? Because the brain controls what we do.

This is why it’s hard to change…

…your weight

…your finances

…your job

…your self-perception

Change Is Hard. But Change Is Our Only Hope!

Behavior is what everyone else sees. It’s our outward facing self. It’s also the focus of diet plans, goal-setting courses, and exercise programs. “Just do something different” sounds like great advice, but it seldom works for the long haul. “Once I finish this diet I’m going to celebrate by eating whatever I want!” That’s about how long behavior change lasts.

Habits influence behavior. We do a lot of things without thinking about them. That’s not always bad. However, when habits get in the way of our optimal lives, we begin to feel the tension. Stress releases cortisol and cortisol attacks us in more ways than we realize. Changing habits isn’t any easier than changing behavior because the brain pushes back against us. Sticking with something for a few weeks might create a new habit, but will it produce new results?

Mindset is the first domino in the chain. There are five controlling mindsets that affect our outlook on every aspect of life. Because mindsets are shrouded by habits and behaviors, it’s tough to identify and change them. However, if you can ever swap your limiting mindset for a more empowering one, you can develop better habits that motivate new behaviors.

What Got You Here Won’t Take You Where You Want to Go

Most people get the point…at least intellectually. In reality, however, most people don’t get it. At least their behavior seems to indicate a lack of understanding. When asked if they want something different or better, they’d say yes. But when given the choice between doing what they’ve always done or venturing into something unknown, they’ll choose their traditions. That scenario supports my contention that unless the mindset is changed, nothing will change.

The quality of your life is your choice. I believe we all have far more potential than we realize. I believe there are ways to change our mindsets so we can free ourselves to live up to our potential. I also believe we can’t do it alone. We all need support systems in place. Otherwise, we will struggle to navigate the challenges associated with mindset change.

So, I’d like to invite you to check out my free and quick Mindset Test. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have an indication of your mindset and whether it is a limiting mindset or not. Then, if you are interested in discovering how to change your mindset, you’ll learn how.

The real reason change isn’t possible is simple… you can’t change anything about your life without taking a close look at your mindset.

You don’t have a…

…weight problem

…money problem

…career problem

…self-perception problem…

You have a thinking problem.